My Digital Workflow


  • What types of camera/s do you own? (please list specific models)
  • Canon Rebel T4i
  • What is your favorite camera from the above list?
  • The T4i
  • Which camera do you use most frequently from the above list?
  • My only camera
  • Do you own different lens? (please list specific lens)
  • No, just the lens that came with the camera, EFS zoom lens 18-55mm
  • How many memory cards to do you own for your camera? What sizes?
  • Just one, a 2gb SD card
  • How do you organize and store your memory cards?
  • No
  • Do you own a tripod? Do you always bring it with you when you are going to take pictures?
  • No
  • Do you own a scanner? If so, what model?
  • No


  • Which operating system do you use primarily?
  • Macintosh
  • How do you transfer your photographs from your camera to your computer?
  • I have a SD slot
  • Which operating system/platform do you use for image editing?
  • Photoshop
  • What specific photo software do you own? (This could be browsers, cataloging applications, editing programs, workflow applications, calibration software, scanning software, etc.)
  • Adobe Photoshop, Aperture 3, and experimenting with Nik Collections
  • What specific photo software do you have access to?
  • Photoshop


  • What type of external hard drive do you own? How large is it?
  • I have a 8gb flash drive
  • How do you back-up your digital files? (x2)


  • Do you own a printer? If so, what model/s?
  • No
  • Do you use any online photo printing services? If so, which one/s (please provide a link/s)?
  • No
  • Do you have a website or blog that you upload your images to?
  • I use


  • What additional peripherals do you own? (please list specific models)
  • No
  • What are your goals for your photography practice?
  • Keep a weekly photo journal


  • Do you currently have a workflow that you use? If so, what is it? Based on the above answers do you feel confident that all your photographic bases are covered and that your workflow is as efficient as it can be?
  • Yes I do have a workflow, I upload all my pictures onto Aperture and organize the photos by naming the “Project” by the week that just went by. I believe this workflow works best for me, in the mean time.
  • If you have never thought about the idea of creating a digital workflow, or have half heartedly used one, based on the above answers how might you structure your digital workflow?

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